Heavy Fermion Materials and Quantum Phase Transitions

The workshop will address frontier topics on the Kondo effect and quantum phase transitions in heavy fermion materials and related systems, a broad area which lies at the intersection of some of the most important phenomena in quantum condensed matter physics. The workshop will gather a small group of top experts to discuss the status of the field, and to assess the opportunities for new physics.

December 9-11, 2013


• Heavy Fermion Materials

• Quantum Phase Transitions

• Unconventional Superconductivity

• Spin-Orbit Coupling and Topological States

• Connection to d-electron Systems

• Non-equilibrium Physics and Cold Atoms

Invited Speakers:

Meigan Aronson (SUNY Stony Brook)

Collin Broholm (Johns Hopkins)

Piers Coleman (Rutgers)

J. C. Seamus Davis (Cornell)

Eugene Demler (Harvard)

Gleb Finkelstein (Duke)

Zachary Fisk (UC Irvine)

Yong-Baek Kim (Toronto)

Stefan Kirchner (MPI-PKS, Dresden)

Gabrial Kotliar (Rutgers)

M. Brian Maple (UC San Diego)

Douglas Natelson (Rice)

Silke Paschen (TU Vienna)

Han Pu (Rice)

Frank Steglich (MPI-CPfS, Dresden)

Joe D. Thompson (Los Alamos)

Hilbert von Löhneysen (Karlsruhe)